The Madness of Caligula

By Benjamin Lewis Price, Ph.D.

Delivered At 
“Ship of Fools, Throne in Bedlam: The Role of Madness in History,” 
Sponsored by the Department of History and Political Science Panel 
Madness in Art, Literature, and Society Symposium, 

Pottle Auditorium, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, Louisiana,

October 27, 2009.

In the year 37, the Roman Senate conferred power over the state on Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, whom we know as the Emperor Caligula. …

James Hardy's Last Lecture, At Least So Far

This lecture was first delivered in the spring of 2002, in the Honors College at LSU.  It has been on and off the web ever since.  A further decade of life has not convinced me that what I said was either wrong or impractical.  But extended experience has persuaded me that I could have said it better and should now say it better.  Hence, this revision of rhetoric, not substance.