GOP And Values Politics


On the GOP Post-Election Wringing of Hands—Values Politics

Since the election the other day, I have noticed that the various groups that …

Just Who Did Increase the Debt?

By Chip Jarred



On Facebook. a friend of mine posted the following graphic, which asks, and claims …

Louisiana and Republican Presidential Politics, 1976

It is usually best to let embarrassing moments in history recede into the past.  Bringing up old battles lost is unbecoming.  But history …

Lessons of ’56 for the 112th Congress

by Benjamin L. Price, Ph.D.

Tuesday the Republican Party and the Tea Party made important gains in retaking government from the Democrats, …

2010 Midterm Election Analysis

By Korey Harvey


7 Days Until Election Day



Whether the GOP takes control of the House of Representatives is not the question awaiting …

Crisis Addiction


James D. Hardy, Jr., PhD and Leonard Hochberg, PhD

As the Obama administration took office in the midst of economic travail, with the market …

“An Arabist Administration?”


James D. Hardy, Jr., PhD, Korey Harvey, JD, and Leonard Hochberg, PhD


       The static from the New York mosque debate has turned …